Don't Worry

Don't Worry

2008, Cheshmeh Publication, 11th edition


- The Voices(1998, Khayam Publication)(ISBN 964-6101-20-8)

- The Grey Spell(2002, Ofoq Publication, second edition)

- Love-making in Footnotes(2004, Cheshmeh Publication, third edition)

- The license of 4th edition was nullified in August 12, 2006

- Don’t You Worry?(2008, Cheshmeh Publication, 11th edition)(ISBN 978-964-362-503-3). The book is translated to Swedish under the title of “Var Inte Orolig” by Robab Moheb and will be published soon by Editorial l’Aleph (Iran Open Publishing Group)


- The book was banned in Tehran International Book Fair in May 9, 2011

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